27 portraits to meet the inhabitants of Salon-de-Provence, an exhibition to discover in the streets of the city, and a series of unique works to crystallize these looks. This artistic project is carried out in close collaboration with the town of Salon-de-Provence. This series of 27 portraits, born from meetings and sharing with the inhabitants from my wanderings, comes to life for 4 months in the form of an open-air exhibition, in the heart of the city and accessible to all. These large portraits are to be discovered on 7 wooden cubes of 2×2 meters scattered in the streets of Salon-de-Provence. Each of the portraits is also available in an enhanced and unique art edition, which you will find by clicking on this link, of which 20% of the profits are donated to the Secours Populaire de Salon-de-Provence.

Fortuitous circumstance, chance.
The fact, for two people, of being (by chance or not) in contact

Meet those who bring the city to life, capture a look, a smile, an emotion, transcribe them through my bright colors, to challenge those who meet them. But also involve an artist from Salon, and a local association, to create a virtuous circle, an inking with the territory. These few lines sum up the days of walking to meet each other, some meetings, furtive, others with long conversations filled with evidence, then glances so quick that my photos were blurred, but my memory faithful to these regards was able to put them on paper. I was lucky enough to be accompanied at the start by Tibo Papercut, an artist from Salon. We collaborated on 4 designs, each complementary to the other in our approaches and techniques. He told me about the history of his city, showed me where to meet people when the streets seemed deserted to me. I came back, several times, I recognized certain smiles, discovered new faces and drew, a lot. After looking at all the portraits I had drawn, I realized the diversity of looks and emotions that I had encountered, which make the richness of this project.

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Where to find all the wooden square in the city
– Place Morgan, front of l’agence immobilière de la crau
– Place morgan, front of  the office du tourisme
– Place Morgan, front of Fnac shop
– Place Saint-Michel
– place des Centuries
– Rue Blanchard
– Place Gambetta